Location: Williston, Vt | Players: 2-10
Three centuries ago the most bloodthirsty pirate to sail the Seven Seas hid one of the largest treasures the world has never known. Many have searched for it. All have failed. All, that is, until now. After a five-year quest, you and a ragtag of team of treasure hunters locate the legendary buccaneer’s underground lair. You begin your descent into the maze of seaside caverns. But by the time your eyes adjust to the darkness, it’s too late. An ancient boobytrapped door slams shut behind you! The tide is rising and your air is running out. Can you crack the code, unlock the treasure, and escape? Or will Pegleg’s Curse claim you as its next victim? Work together, use your wits, and live to tell the tale!


Location: Williston, Vt | Players: 2-8
A series of kidnappings has shaken the city to its core. Seven missing in seven days. And the mysterious criminal known only as ‘The Revolutionary’ has promised six more before month’s end. Frustrated by a community paralyzed by fear, you and a small team of concerned citizens decide to take action. Tracking the cell signal of the latest victim, you pinpoint the kidnapper’s lair. You plan for every contingency in your rescue attempt… every possibility except for one. It’s a trap! As soon as you enter, your world goes black. You awaken in darkness, locked in a makeshift cell. You have 60 minutes until The Revolutionary returns. Can you crack the codes, disarm the alarms, save the others, and find your way out? Work together and you just might!


Location: Williston, Vt | Players: 2-7 | Ages 12+
An evil scientist has unleashed a deadly plague that threatens to end humanity. You and a crack team of special agents locate his secret laboratory. There’s only one problem … it’s rigged to self destruct in 60 minutes. Can you solve the puzzles, find the antidote, escape and save the world? Or will this be the beginning of the end of life as we know it?

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